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Thoughts for Pride 2010

June 8, 2010

In his book, Ragman and Other Cries of Faith, Walter Wangerin, Jr. tells how some of the common imagery of potter/clay as descriptions of our relationship to God never moved him. Instead, he writes, he feels that God as mother resonates much more. He describes the self sacrifice of gestation, birth and parenting and relates it to the ways that God interacts with us. It was interesting to read and to try to feel the same resonations as the author, but his final paragraphs are what struck me most:

"Body of Christ – though Christ in the flesh was man – you, you I remember as a woman, and my mother!

"I suppose that is is the Lord's prerogative to make his Body also his own Bride – an androgyny so startling as to be difficult, frightening, and therefore ignored."

Everyday I thank God for communities where these aspects of the Christian tradition can be looked at more openly – as they are also aspects of ourselves and community. An aspect that, for us, can bring God a little closer rather than a little more "Other." This redrawing, redefining and re-identifying of what it means to be "man," "woman," and/or wholly other gendered – and how these relate to one another – is still difficult and frightening in our culture, but thanks to Pride celebrations across the country (and world!), it cannot be ignored.

Happy Pride!



It's spring! Season of "love one another"

April 30, 2010
It's springtime in the southern tier and as the trees awaken more each day it is a
good time to reflect on the awakenings in our own hearts and bodies! Stop and
take notice of the beauty that is stirring within. Let that beauty be a fragrance
of confidence that allows those around to know that you have chosen to
see the wholeness that is in you despite the broken feelings of yesterday and
today, let it be something they can't quite put their finger on! We of various genders
contribute to the va...
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